ATEC Consultant Engineers Private JS
Architecture, Urban Development

Ref No: 24-17686
Date : Nov 2, 2004
Code : 626B

State Management and Planning Organization
Consultants’ and Contractors’ Affairs Office

Subject: Good Performance on the Part of Balagar Construction Co in the 2500 unit Housing Estate of Jam

Please find attached a copy of our letter No 24-17343 dated October 25, 2004 and a copy of the letter No GhTM/J/4458 dated October 31, 2004 issued by the Manager of the Non-industrial Plans of Pars Oil and Gas Co (the Principal). We ask you to please express appreciation and gratitude to Balagar Co for their excellent performance and effective management and for their meeting their commitments during the period of the contracts on regions 3 and 19 of the 2500 unit Jam Housing Estate worth 100 billion rials, and for their keeping to the time schedules during the entire period.

Atec Consultant Engineers
Ezatollah Khajehnoori

CC: Balagar Co, with copy of letter from Principal for their information and thanks to Mr Baghai

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