In the Name of God

Khakriz Ab Co (Private JS)

Execution of Tehran Drainage Project

Ref No: 173/B-4058
Date : December 12, 2000

Iran Industrial Estates Co

Subject: Satisfaction with work performance
Project: Nobakhat, Vali Asr and Taleghani Secondary Tunnels Related to Khayyam Main Tunnel

This is to inform you that Balagar Co has been cooperating with this Company since September 6, 1998 in the Nobakhat, Vali Asr and Taleghani Secondary Tunnels Project, the three tunnels that extend from the mouth of Khayyam Tunnel. We are fully satisfied with their activities and the quality of their work. This letter has been issued at their request to be submitted to the executers of Charmshahr Industrial Estate Sewerage Project.

Hassanali Sharaki
Managing Director


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