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Section 4 of Line 1 Tunnel Northern Development Project of Tehran Metro

This project consisted of the excavation and execution of section 4 of line 1 tunnel northern development project of tehran metro with a total length of 1,795 meters, of which 1,620 meters included internal lining and 175 meters was accessibility tunnel. The tunnels had a curved section 10 meters wide and 8.6 meters high.

Clie : Tehran Underground Railway Office (Metro)

Tehran Drainage Project (Khayam Main Drainage and 3rd outlet Project)

This project consisted of 6 shafts and inlets which - in flood conditions - can transfer water into tunnels. The total length of tunnels was about 8 km. These tunnels drain 20 km2 of Tehran and are checked by 27 manholes. All parts of the project were constructed by Balagar Co.

Client: Development and Engineering Executive of Tehran municipality (Khakrizab Co.)

Tehran Drainage Project (Keshavarz & Sezavar Head Branches)

This project included the construction of a reinforced concrete tunnel, 2500 meters long, and more than 30 meters deep.It also included the construction of a huge water transmission shaft in tunnel path and all the relevant water sub-lines.

Client: Development and Engineering Executive of Tehran municipality (Khakrizab Co.)

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Tehran Drainage Project (Saedi Highway) Dolatkhah Main Drain And Outlet

This project involved the construction of the drainage tunnel of Saedi Highway in Tehran of a total length of 3,715 meters and a half egged section which was performed with in-site concreting method. The execution of all the respective operations like spillway basins, manholes, rubbish gathering basins and their accessories and all necessary approaching to construct and utilize the project are also some aspects of this project(Contract period 30 months and actual duration 15 months).

Client: Development and Engineering Executive of Tehran municipality(Khakrizab Co.)

Sheikh Bahayi-Mosalla 230 K.V. Cable Tunnel Construction

The objective of this project was to construct the high direct voltage (230 K.V.) cable tunnel of Sheikh Bahayi-Mosalla of the approximate length of 4.2 kilometers, execution of the manholes, galleries, input and output shafts, prospecting by boring, performing in-site experiments, surveying and preparing route longitudinal profiles, and preparing lighting and constant ventilation systems for the tunnel.The constructed tunnel had a curved section 2.4 m wide and 2.4 m high.

Client: Tehran Regional Electricity Co.